Sunday, October 30, 2011

I have the biggest bedroom in the house

Tonight I am sleeping in the lounge -  in the biggest room of the house.

This morning after 'another' early wake-up call from Cleo (3.45am) - I didn't get up then. I was still up by 5am and by 5.40am had stripped most of the wallpaper from my bathroom - who puts wallpaper in a bathroom????

With wallper

Without wallpaper - needs cleaning and then painting
So by 8am I woke Elizabeth and suggested we have the morning off - maybe a movie or some shopping.  I knew if I continued, I would work all day - so we headed out for a few hours and a rest.  Well - it was lovely - although instead of working for a full day - we worked for half a day and achieved a full day's work.

When we got home at noon - we decided to put all the furniture back into the correct rooms.  First of all my study, then the dining room and finally the lounge - but the lounge ended up in the dining room; so that my bedroom could move into the lounge.
 Putting back the glasseware

 Study almost back in place - bedroom furniture moved to the lounge - so let's leave the carpet until tomorrow.
 No of course NOT!  So up came the carpet . . .
 Pull - tug - fold - push . . .

Now Matthew - don't lift until I tell you to - do you understand????

So let's leave the wooden nail beds until tomorrow . . . No let's do it now!

 And finally my bedroom in the lounge
 And at 5.40pm I am in bed - exhausted, tired, finished and ready for sleep - well blogging first and then to bed.
Tomorrow we do the floorboards in my bedroom and the rest of this week - it will all be painted.

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darlin said...

Where do you find the energy? Send some this way please. :-)