Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day Three - Secret Renovations

 Starting the morning at the doorway - it is always tricky to figure out the cuts and angles, but Dad's genius sees us through - with everything fitting perfectly
 Only a couple of more boards to cut and fit.
 This is my special Dad - the most amazing man in the world - he can do anything.  Build a Triple-story garage - he did that (with my Mum's help) when I was little; to laying these floorboards at age 73 - his knowledge and skills are beyond that of anyone I have ever met. And best of all - he is my Dad.
And here by 3pm is the finished room with the bookcases back inside - and just to share with you all - my Dad made these as well.

Tomorrow - I begin the task of returning the house to normal - it will be a great Spring clean along with tidying up - I am also de-cluttering 'again' so only the best will be going back.

Then on Friday, it will be time to strip my bedroom and do my floors - ooh my house is going to be beautiful, clean, elegant and inviting.  Thank you Universe for these beautiful gifts.


darlin said...

This is amazing... seriously I want to borrow your Dad for two weeks, everything in this house would be done and in tip top shape.

I detest hiring contractors, they try to cut corners and get away with whatever they can, I'm on top of them though. I worked alongside my ex-husband for a year, he is a carpenter so I know a bit about renos, not enough to do what your Dad did but enough to know when contractors are not doing a decent job.

Your house is looking so beautiful, I hope to see it for myself once I'm done my practicum. I'm going to try to stay for an extra two weeks after my work is done, I can catch a bus to your part of the country and come for a visit I've decided. Ya, that'll work! How does that sound to you? I'll see what's transpiring on this end and email you, as far as dates are concerned.

Have a great week! I'm getting excited!

darlin said...

oops, I forgot to click email to follow..