Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Honourable Mention!

Tonight was the Award's Night for our local Ipswich Enviromental Photographic competition.  I had entered a number of photos as previously posted. Sarah and Granny also entered a couple and we all intended to attend.  Sarah however, is really sick with the flu, so had to miss the evening.

Granny and her were not lucky enough to win anything - and nor was I - BUT! . . .

The above photo was given an Honourable Mention by the judges and I will receive a certificate in the mail to keep.  I am so excited. 

Thank you to Mom, for suggesting that we submit some photos - it was such a wonderful evening and has left me feeling very Honoured!  :)


Ian Weatherburn said...

Woohoo! Congratulations Beverly. I hope you are very proud of yourself and this spurs you onto to even greater achievements. Did you enjoy viewing the quality of the photography on show and hopefully you felt that the winner was a worthy choice. Sometimes judges decisions can leave you a bit baffled? :) Anyway, keep taking photo's!! Well done!

Beverly said...

Yes, the quality was excellent - the winners were well deserved. The choices reflected some of the unusual - so it will spur me on to take my camera out more and enjoy our beautiful city.
Thanks for the support and lovely to chat with you.

darlin said...

Congratulations Beverly, now that's a huge compliment to get this honorable mention! I can see why too, your photo is wonderful. I hope Sarah is feeling better soon.