Monday, October 17, 2011

It has arrived!

My second book of poetry has arrived - I am so excited.

 Wearing my Writer's Hat - I got Sarah to take my offical photo with my new book - I am thrilled with it.

A lot thinner and smaller than the first one - I have opted for a colour version, with photos and stories - so here it is Angel's Verse - Volume 2.


darlin said...

Well look at you go, good for you Beverly! Congratulations.

Funny how the word verification tonight is "apoet". Now what a coincidence that is! lol

Dorothy said...

Darlin, the photo on the page she is holding was her as a tiny little girl, full of fun and cheek, when she gave us our copy today, I saw the picture and burst into tears, mind you we had just come back from seeing the Movie of the Phantom of the Opera which was the 25th celebration, it was amazing

Julie said...

Congratulations!! It looks wonderful!! Can I get a copy???

MarkT said...

How Fantastic Beverly -I shall be checking it out personally when my order arrives!