Thursday, October 27, 2011

OK - So who needs sleep?

With only the floors in my bedroom to go - I have decided that I am not busy enough - and am going to paint the walls & ceilings as well. Yes, I know should have done that first - but I wasn't even thinking about it until I tried washing the dirty marks off the walls as I put the furniture back.

So tomorrow morning, Elizabeth and I are going to begin in the lounge, which is still empty and then do the dining room & the study.  At that point we will strip up the carpets in my room and paint the celings and walls and lay the floorboards - I have 19 full days before Ivan comes home - so it should be a breeze.

Oh yes, I also forgot that I have a 50 000 novel to write, a book to edit, children to feed, etc. 

Oh well - as I said Who Needs Sleep?????


Ian Weatherburn said...

Are you pregnant or something? Where has all this energy come from??!?!? :) Good for you!

Mom said...

You are going to burn yourself out if you are not careful, take it one small step at a time. You know the saying though, if you want something done, give it to a busy person.

Mom said...

On second thoughts I better add another comment, Ian she will sue the Gynocologist if she is pregnant.