Tuesday, November 1, 2011

All the floors are done!

It has been a long day - we started around 7.30am and only finished around 5pm - what a day.  We whizzed through the floorboards until the last couple of small pieces and then the quadrant - this is the side that holds the floorboards down against the skirting boards. Well this was so awkward and the angles not 45 degrees, so had spent ages figuring them out.

Measure twice - cut once

The last piece of board

And so it slots all in together.

This was 4pm - after a very long day - finally fitting the spacer between the tiles and floorboards

One last piece to go!

The day also involved Mom, taking Matt to school, fetching Matt from school and taking him to the doctor and then taking him back to school. Doing the shopping, and then fetching him at 3pm.  In between that I also took Sarah to the doctor and brought home lunch.

Elizabeth spent the day stripping the wallpaper from my bathroom - it is a job from Hell.  What idiot puts wallpaper in a bathroom. It has taken over 20 hours of work, and we are not anywhere near finished. In fact we are going to have to sand the walls to try and get all the glue off - what a job.

A 'Shitty task' - Here I am underneath the toilet bowl, trying to scrape the wallpaper and glue off the walls.

No Space

Elizabeth leaning over the shower, even wallpaper up here.

The Mess

Another one of us trying to clear the wallpaper.
So ends another long day.  Nearly finished all the tasks for this stage - we have now been working on the house since February - so I guess 2011 is going down as the year of the new house.


Mom said...

It has been amazing to see how you have all worked so well together, I don't think I want 2011 again, what with floods, operations, secretaria; duties that took its toll on my behalf, and renovations. Both Dad and I are going on strike in 2012, 73 and 68 years of age are taking its toll, however the enormous effort of Beverly and family make both Brian and I so proud of what they have achieved, well done girls and a very sick Matthew, hope all goes well till the end of the school year and we all face 2012 with lots of fun, laughter and relaxation.

MarkT said...

What a professional job you've done! I'm really impressed- well done all of you. Enjoy the results of your efforts.
And what about the writing Beverly?

Michelle said...

Congratulations on another day of magnificent achievement ... hope today will be one of a little 'down time' or 'writing' time, Beverly.

Mom said...

Definitely agree that you and the girls need some R & R. Your father commented this morning as follows "I believe it was nice weather yesterday!" I just had to have a giggle especially as he walked up and down from your house to the workshop more times than we can count. Anyway all well this morning, off to our own R & R. Carving and Pyrography, then another big tackle tomorrow of what still needs to be done.

darlin said...

The house sure has come a long way, you've all done such amazing work! Have you tried to soak the wallpaper with vinegar water? I peeled 4 or 5 layers off walls in one place I lived and the vinegar water seemed to help. I saturated it, left it to soak, scraped, then resoaked and continued to do that til I finally found a wall. I feel for you and you're right... what kind of an idiot wallpapers in the bathroom? Sheesh!