Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This is my beautiful 'Renovated' Home

Sorry that I 'forgot' to post the photos of my finished renovations - oops - I think that I was so relieved it was done that I just forgot!

So here they are - all 'Oohs and Aahs' welcome in the comments section :)

Standing at the front door looking into the lounge

Standing looking toward the front door

Looking into the dining room, from the lounge

Looking into study from the lounge

Looking into the dining room from the kitchen

And my bedroom - from the door

And the view from my bed
It is so difficult to photograph a room - thank you Mum for the use of your camera and wide-angle lens - otherwise even these photos would not be possible.

I love my new home.


Ian Weatherburn said...

Well look at that! Looks wonderful Beverly and what a great job you guys did of course. A word that comes to mind is 'fresh' as it just looks nice and open and clean and peaceful.

I see you still need to get some of your lovely photos back up on the walls (if that's your intention?).

Well done. Enjoy your lovely home.

MarkT said...

Oooh, Ahhhh. I am very impressed - it looks fantastic. All this and still writing 50,000 words. Well done!