Monday, November 14, 2011

Writing Update

Thirty-four chapters - 31 683 words and 14 days of writing.

My characters are alive and well - they are thriving and living inside my head.  It is such a good thing that Ivan has been away for these first 14 days of November, as I know that I would have driven him crazy popping on the light in the middle of the night to write down another idea/plot/character. He is coming home on Wednesday at last after a month away, so I am really happy, may need to take a couple of days off from writing - or maybe not? I know he will understand the obsession!

The only problem that has arisen is that Book Three is so much stronger than Book One. I knew that Book Two was stronger than Book One, but I think that Book Three will be even stronger, maybe not better, but stronger and more powerful.

So . . . that is going to mean some rewriting and re-editing. Hmm - more work.  I need to leave it alone however, until this one is finished. I almost want to publish Book Three first, but that wouldn't make much sense, so it will be onto some serious editing and re-writing as soon as this one is finished.  

I have also discoverd I am becoming a true novelist, as I now have character lists, plot lists, place lists, name meanings, maps, songs, story-lines etc. all on different documents on my computer and in my notebook. It was so simple and easy in the beginning, but three books later, I need to keep checking up that I have not repeated myself, corrected myself or just plain 'stuffed it up.'

So with 16 days to go, and under 20 000 words minimum to write; Book Three is well on the way - I love being a writer, I love reading and I love writing. What a way to live!


Ian Weatherburn said...

Sounds fantastic Beverly. Can't wait to read it.

I guess that's where tools like this Liquid Story Binder come in useful. Check it out, they have a 50% off NaNoWriMo sale! :)

Michelle said...

Ahh, you ARE a writer and a novelist and a wordsmith, Beverly. I have no problem with reading book 3 first ... LOL.

Good recommendations from Ian - will check them out, too. Thanks!

Beverly said...

Great Ian, thanks and Michelle thanks for the support.