Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Writer

 My official photographer 'Sarah' took these photos of me working on 'The Guild Chronicles' - Book Three - today.

This morning I tried to write and the 700+ words were sluggish and horrible, so I went out with the girls for some retail therapy.  On my return instead of deleting the 700 words, I just finished the chapter and then flowed into a second chapter a total of 2810 words for today - A total of 4810 in two days - so am on track, needing just 1667 per day. Hopefully, I will get another chapter written tonight, but at the moment, Sarah is singing - "I am so lonely" and Elizabeth is sitting here chatting to me, so I guess mother duties call.


MarkT said...

What a lovely 'office' Beverly. It looks like you're well sorted for the writing month.
Good luck and enjoy

Mom said...

Keep up the good work, if you like I will set the alarm for 5.00am and give you a ring. Hee Hee

Beverly said...

Mom, thanks have been doing that already - although this morning I cheated and slept until 6am.
Mark my office is my dream all designed just for me. Rich warm wood, fairies, positive energy and now clean paint and floorboards.

darlin said...

Wow, look at you go! Good for you to have all your renos done and you're back to writing already! You're an amazing lady Beverly... now I'd best get back to writing here as well. I'm not going to bed until this one's done and it's getting late! Have a fantastic day!