Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another Great Birthday

Happy Birthday Mum - I love both you and Dad so much
 Today for Mum's birthday her and Dad took us to a lovely restaurant in Toowoomba about an hour's drive away - I drove so Mum and Dad could relax.

The restaurant was called the Stone Grill and serves up the most amazing meals.  The stone platters are heated up to 400 degrees and your steak, chicken or fish arrives on it raw. You then slice up pieces and cook it to your own desired taste - oh my goodness what a treat!  I haven't had such a beautiful meal in ages and I know that I will not need to eat for another month.
My food cooking in front of me.

Sarah wanted the dessert - it was a 'Chocolate Strawberry Tower'
 The strawberries were placed on a spike and covered with chocolate sauce, with a jug of spare sauce - needless to say she was in heaven.  Elizabeth had divine chocolate mousse and I had chocolate baskets with ice-cream and berry compote - Just YUM!
 I had to add this last photo for everyone, Elizabeth has not eaten much meat for ages - but decided to try Mum's steak - I love the look on Mum's face - wonder what she is thinking?  My caption is:

Hope she doesn't like this too much?
Happy Birthday Mum - have a wonderful year.


Mom said...

Thanks so much Beverly, love the photos, we sure did have a great time, meal just devine. Had a lovely birthday sing song from the little girls in South Africa to add to the joy of my birthday. Totally spoilt with presents so thank you to everyone.

Ian Weatherburn said...

Great photos and yummy food! :) Good thing I wasn't there, I would've stolen Sarah's dessert! :) Happy Birthday Mom!