Saturday, November 5, 2011

Almost finished

I keep saying this and thinking this and hoping that this is true, but at last we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel or should I say the bottom of the paint tin. Today after a 10 hour day - my bedroom, entrance hall and bathroom are painted. I still need to do the ceilings tomorrow, but all the horrible hard wall painting is finished - well almost.

Sarah helped Elizabeth and I in the bathroom, by cleaning the walls and taping up the edges

Painting my bedroom wall - note the carefully taped wallpaper border!

Red in the face from bending

And now the sad story about the wallpaper
The only piece of wallpaper in the entire house that I liked was the border in my bedroom - so I carefully taped it - BUT - it didn't work. As we tried to carefully ease the tape off the border, it just ripped of the pattern and even 'easily' pulled the border off the wall. I wanted to scream and cry and rage, instead just pulled it off and threw it away - new plan tomorrow - maybe a colour strip or just paint it the same as the rest of the wall.
End of a long 10 hour day  -  the roller, plastic and tray - all ready for the bin.
One more day to go and then I can get the house back in place - it will be lovely to be able to find everything and have the furniture back in place to appreciate all our hard work.  

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darlin said...

Wow, you're still at it! I admire your determination, I know what it's like to tackle such a huge job, actually you've done way more than I have to your house with new floor as well. It's looking fantastic and this hard work will be but a distant memory one day as you sit back and enjoy your family in your next-to-new home! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!