Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nothing Has to be Done!

I woke up this morning and realised that I don't HAVE to do  anything!

I am not sure when last I woke up and realised that I don't have to do a single thing; I didn't even have to get out of bed, as Mom was taking Matt to work.

I read, dozed and then finally slept and at 10.30am woke up refreshed and still thought "I don't have to do anything" - there are quite a few  things that I could do if I wanted. A few that might even be as important as 'should' do, but none that I have to do.

I feel rejuvinated for that reason - completely rejuvinated and refreshed. 

So today I am not going to do a single thing that I should or could do and may not even do anything that I want to do, I might just BE! I might just exist in the moment and live.

How wonderful!

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darlin said...

Good for you Beverly, some well deserved and hard earned down time... if you really have nothing to do for a while how about writing a few essays for me? lol Kick back, relax and enjoy!