Thursday, November 17, 2011

Birthday Celebrations

November 16th & 17th are very special days in our house.
First Ivan celebrates his birthday on the 16th and then Mum celebrates hers on the 17th - so it is a double treat.

Yesterday Ivan came home from his 4 week trip - very tired, but glad to be home.

For those who have been following the renovations - his reaction was HOLY S**T!  (repeated a number of times as he took in the work we had done).  It was wonderful - even this morning when he woke up he was still talking about how beautiful it all looks.  So the effort, work and secret was worth it all.

We also decided to decorate the front of the hosue for Ivan for his birthday - so often he is away and to have him come home on the day was special.  So here are a couple of family photos.

I think he is loved!

Happy Birthday love, stay awake for another few minutes!
A very tired and jet-lagged Ivan enjoyed his presents with the family and a piece of cake and then it was an early night. 

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