Sunday, November 6, 2011

The renovations are complete - this stage at least!

Today we finished it!

Despite Elizbeth being really unwell with a sore throat, and my energy leves way down - we pushed on and finished all the painting.  And then we put all the big furniture back in place. So here are some morning/evening photos.

8.12am - the ceiling needs painting, the curtain rail needs to be hung and the border repainted.

6.30pm - room back together - well almost - a happy cat asleep on my bed again.

8am the lounge with my bed and furniture all in it

The entrance all - all a mess this morning.

6.30pm - my lounge back in place - no picutres on the wall yet . .

But looking really good so far.
It has a very long 16 days of hardword - but the results are wonderful - I am so happy with the changes we have made. The house feels rejuvinated, blessed and healthy.

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