Friday, November 4, 2011

Book Three Word Count & NaNoWriMo

Things were going really slow - struggling to find the balance and words; the renovation is now energy sapping and I am tired.  And then the energy flow blew the roof off - and I have just written three chapters and 3861 words - total for the month so far is just over 8000 (NaNoWriMo count) and over 16 000 words in total for book three.


Up to chapter fourteen and action is moving ahead - loving the story as it unfolds for me - almost as good (no better) than reading a book written by someone else.  Can't wait to type the next chapter to find out what happens.


MarkT said...

Well done Beverly- I'm sitting here cheering you on.
I really understand what you mean that the writing is even better than reading a book as the story unfolds.
Go Beverly, GO....

Beverly said...

Thanks Mark - you as well