Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I remembered to play today

I had forgotten to play. Work has been the top priority for a while; renovating, writing a novel, preparing for Christmas and everything else has been really serious.

After a gentle reminder (Thank you Michelle) I decided it was time to play.
So I phoned Ivan and work and told him I was picking up Pizza and we would meet him at the river - Colleges Crossing (which is on his way home from work and only 10 minutes from us) for a picnic.

We sat in the windy cool breeze and then we skipped stones, well threw rocks would be more appropriate. Ivan held the record with over 10 skips; Matt was next with at least 5 and I managed a respectable 3 - the girls well - watch out!  I feel refreshed and revivied.

Here are some photos:

 Daddy arrived after us, so the kids went to meet him
Tired but relaxed

Matthew with the action

If it won't skip - it will splash

Here goes, my turn!

READY . . .



Forty-five minutes of refreshing Spirit-reviving fun.

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Michelle said...

Awesome! Well done, Beverly!