Friday, November 4, 2011

Two days of hard work

 Yesterday morning, I started early and began painting the children's bathroom, I had spent the day before on my back in my toilet trying to get the wallpaper off the walls, I hate the idiots who put wallpaper up in this house.
 Back to yesterday, by lunchtime, with Elizabeth's help, both bathroom and toilet were painted - now no longer a horrible pink, but a lovely fresh creamy/white.  The electrician had also been and removed the 'stupid' wall lights from my bedroom and installed downlights, so I began patching the walls.
 Our room is going to be lovely, with downlights that have a dimmer switch for the 'romantic' moments, or even watching TV.

Today was a day of hell - we could not shift the wallpaper glue, so we called in the 'big guns' - Dad brought his sanding machine up and between the two of us, we managed to sand it almost clean.

 A few hours later Dad was snow- white with dust - I managed to stay behind the camera today, so sorry no photos of me covered in dust.
 Bathroom almost ready - a light sanding required tomorrow and then we can paint - thank goodness.

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Mom said...

Hey ! you need to tell people that you have written a "D" on Dad's head in the dust, it looks like he has a rash on his head.
It sure has been the worst part of all the renovations I would say, but you are now on a role to get finished by Wednesday next week. Elizabeth insists that Wednesday is "D" day, otherwise she is running away.