Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thank you to all

Thank you to everyone for your support, interest and comments over the last 2 weeks as I have progressed throught the renovations. I hoped you have enjoyed the photos - as I get the furniture back in place and the photos hung, I will post a few more pictures.

A very big thank you to Elizabeth my apprentice, my helper and my beautiful girl - without your daily help I would not have been able to complete even half of what I did. We achieved miracles together and you deserve a good rest now.

To my Sarah, who has become the washer upper, the cleaner, the drink and food provider and the general dogsbody, I really appreciate all your efforts - you had the least glamorous chore, but the one that allowed us all to achieve what we did.

To Matthew, for helping move big furniture and heavy stuff, and getting on with your assignments and getting better without much help from Mom - thank you.

To my Mom,  Thank you for becoming the driver for all appointments, the driver to & from school (gave me at least 2 hours extra per day), the shopper, the encourager and the wonderful person who did my ironing today - I love you

And now Thank you to my Dad - sometimes Dad I forget that I am nearly 50 and more importantly I forget that you are 73 - your stamina, energy and drive are more than most 20 year olds.  Thank you for your skills, for your patience, for your hard work and for teaching me; teaching me that I can do anything. Showing me that I can learn and achieve the most amazing things in life.  I love you Daddy, you are incredible.  And now you can go back to your carving - I will try not ask you to do anything more around the house - for a while at least. :)

Renovations are complete - the floorboards are laid; the walls are painted and the house is decluttered (well it will be in the next few days) - it is now time to focus on writing my novel and begin preparing for Christmas.


Mom said...

There is one thing for sure in our family, we know how to achieve some amazing things. The bond between us all is the envy of many people that I know, the house looks fantastic, well done to everyone and within a day or two everything will be back in its place and THE WRITER can take over and finish her book. Well done to everyone.

darlin said...

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, I loved watching your home come together room by room. What a difference renovations can make!