Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas and Kittens

 Cleo loves Christmas as much as the rest of us, in fact I am beginning to think it is going to be as exciting as having a young baby.  When my children were just crawling I would block their access to the tree, but with a kitten it is proving more difficult, although just as much fun.
 See Mummy - my claws and paws are hidden - I am just looking.
And if I can't see you - then maybe you won't see me.

She is so cute it is hard to stay mad at her and when I catch her and talk to her, she lies on her back and meows sorry, but then runs straight  back to play.

Oh well the joys of Christmas and Kittens


darlin said...

Beverly these are such adorable photos, Cleo is way to cute!

Beverly said...

Yes and she knows it!