Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thoughts create feelings!

When we experience feelings both positive and negative, we don't often relate them to the fact that they are the result of a thought or thoughts, but this is the case! Once I realised this, I also realised that by changing the thought, I could then change the feeling!

Deciding to focus my daily thoughts on the positives in life has created a profound change in who I am and how I function in life. Yes of course, I have sad,angry and negative thoughts, but I have learnt to recognise and acknowledge them very quickly and now no longer allow them to take dominance and indulge in the 'feelings' that always came with them.

Also by just recognising the negative thought, I have realised that I can take away all its power. I can acknowledge that something has annoyed me, without slipping into the total annoyance. I am annoyed and then I let it go, so that I can live my life in Joy and Peace.

It is not a simple act to allow these thoughts to filter through, but we only have our own lives to live, we get to chose what we do with our day, with our time and also with our thoughts. By choosing to allow the Joy into our lives, we get to give out only Joy.

So today I wish you all 'positive' thoughts and wonderful feelings.

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