Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Do word choices matter?

Yesterday I decided to make a list of things I wanted to achieve today and in the next week or so, but really did not want to create another Chore list! So I decided to call it my Achievement list! It sounds such a silly little thing, because yes, it has a list of chores on it, but in so many ways it is not a chore list, but rather a list of things that I want to achieve.

Ivan's boss decided to hold an 'Advance' rather than a 'Retreat' and we all laughed at the silliness of his words, but when you begin to think about how you approach something, even the words associated with it, can influence its outcome. So to 'Advance' and plan the future rather than attending a 'retreat' with its backward word focus, maybe will help.

Positive thoughts, create positive outcomes!

Today the children all got up early - 6am wake up call! I made Ivan, Elizabeth and Matthew 'Humpty Dumpty Eggs' for breakfast with fresh juice and started their day with positive words, laughter and healthy energy-sustaining food. They were then all assigned tasks to help me start the day and by 7.30am when they left, all the little tidying up things had been achieved!

Today I can now focus on some of the bigger items on my achievement list - I have already tidied out 2 kitchen drawers, a quick 20 minute task, that means so much. I have great upbeat music playing 'Robert Palmer' and am going to clean house, iron and start the school year with a positive message!

What words do you chose? Be positive!

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