Saturday, January 17, 2009

University Student

As told in my post on Thursday I have been accepted into the University of Queensland as a student. I am planning to do a BA majoring in English and Religion.

Now that is probably a strange combination for most people to get their heads around, but I am in the wonderful position of being able to study for the JOY and love of learning and unlike I did 26 years ago (Oops!), not for a career. So I have decided to chose subjects which interest me.

I have also decided to do 3 subjects this first semester and have chosen:

Creative Writing Narrative
World Religions
Meditation and Soul Journeys.

I am so excited about the whole process, just doing something stimulating and different is going to be fun.

Now I will spend the next few weeks, planning and organising my life, so that it all runs as smoothly as possible and that I will still be able to be a full-time Mom (my first and most important love, besides my love of being a wife of course). Then late February will attend orientation and start at the beginning of March.

I am truly blessed and grateful for my life.

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