Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day of Blessings - Second Blessing

My second joy today was sharing the wonderful experience with Elizabeth as she purchased her first car. She has saved so hard for a year to get a really big deposit and today had the JOY and PLEASURE of picking it up.

Throughout the last few weeks, we have worked together to arrange her loan, insurance and so many other parts and today, we shared the fun of going to Blue Ribbon Honda to pick up her Honda Jazz, GLI, automatic.

The gods looked down on her and the sun shone as the rain clouds cleared enough for her to drive home, without getting a single spot of rain on her car.

We rearranged the garage to allow her to fit it in just perfectly and she has decided to even give it a name. She said that like Jack Sparrow, said in Pirates of the Caribbean: It is more than a car (ship) - it is FREEDOM! So her baby is called the "Blue Pearl"

My special girl, I wish you safe driving, a clear road and no traffic cops ever!!! ENJOY!

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