Sunday, January 18, 2009

Settled at last!

We have now been back in Brisbane for 4 years and I have realised over these holidays that we have settled! It has been very hard to settle this time and now having lived here almost the longest that we have lived in one place, I realise that I have been waiting to move.
I have not wanted to make friends, put down roots, or even think that this is home, because we always - Move!

I now however, have a small group of friends, a large group of lovely acquaintances and the children really belong to their school and University. I have also now committed to Uni, and to just belonging. Ivan loves our home and the area we live in, and we no longer think about where we will be next.

We seem to be planning for the long term in this house, suburb and place. It is an interesting shift in consciousness, as up until recently, I could not picture staying forever. Maybe, we wont? But then again, maybe we will?

I feel settled and now want to build a life, friendship circle, family and future in just one place. I still want to travel, but realise that I can probably achieve this with 'trips' and won't have to move to see the world.

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