Friday, January 30, 2009

Cleaning House

I know that I have a fairly clean house in comparison to many people and a 'not-so tidy' one compared to others. This morning as I was pushing the 'dead elephant' (vacuum-cleaner) - a phrase from a dear family friend; around the house I began to wonder how many times everyone cleans each week. Do people have set days to achieve set chores, or are you the kind of person that just achieves what needs doing?

My God-child is the most amazing housewife ever! She was brought up in South Africa with a full-time maid and on her first visit to us in Australia did not even know how to do much basic housework - sorry Tam! Since settling in Australia, getting married and having two beautiful children, I can confidently say that she puts me totally to shame with her beautiful, tidy, organised home. Of course, like us all, she hates housework, but still achieves the most incredible results.

I have had friends whose houses were the most welcoming chaos, where there was always something yummy to eat and a kettle on the boil, but you had to move the piles of washing to find a place to sit down and often perched your cuppa on the ironing board. Yet, you were always welcome.

Tonight we are getting friends over for dinner, so an extra special few things were cleaned, a little extra dusting completed and also another item off my achievement list, this time the children's bathroom cupboard and drawer.

I am not a big fan of cleaning, but do love the look, smell and feel of a cleaned house. Tell me how often you clean!


sandra andrews said...

Have a nice night with your visitors Beverley. It's all about the company, but I too can't resist cleaning when someone's coming over for a meal. Oh, I do wish it was us coming over :]

Mom said...

What's for dinner !!!! As you know I clean when I need to. Although like you, love to see the place really spick and span, also nothing nicer than fresh polish on the furniture. Oh dear when did I do that last !!!! I always say if my beds are made, the dishes in the kitchen all done and the toilet and bathroom tidy then if you don't like it don't come back.

Michelle said...

Cleaning is what you do when you need a break from Being Creative!
Then, when you've finished indulging YOURSELF (with the creative stuff like scrapbooking, stamping, blogging etc)you can feel the satisfaction of a clean house.
It works for me. LOL.