Thursday, January 8, 2009


I have just had the joy of taking both Elizabeth, Sarah and Sarah's lovely friend Amy to see this beautiful, romantic, vampire movie! Not that sounds like a true oxymoron, but it was beautifully filmed and portrayed.

It is such a funny feeling to have added Sarah to our 'club' of romantic women! For the last 5 years or so, Elizabeth and I have enjoyed each others company as we have journeyed into the genre of romantic literature and film. Now Sarah, my 'baby' is on the verge of joining us as women of this world.

There is nothing nicer than to sit with our 'sisters' and exclaim over a beautiful tear-jerker, or a romantic novel, that moves your soul. Novels that spring immediately to mind are Cross-Stitch and the entire Jamie and Clare saga. Yes, girls - Jamie is still mine! Or maybe Pride and Prejudice written so long ago, but still beautiful today.

I have to add that young Robert Pattinson as Edward the 17 year old Vampire (Cedric Diggory for Harry Potter fans) was just beautiful and I would happily be 'bitten' by him. Sarah thought it very funny, that Mommy called him a 'hunk'.

As girls together, the four of us, experienced joy and laughter and the romantic love of a wonderful movie.

What a Blissing!

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