Thursday, January 29, 2009

What makes me proud?

I have been very blessed in my life by my amazing children. Each of them is uniquely gifted and have provided me with so many opportunities to reflect on the blessing that they bring to my life.

As an expectant mother, I always knew that I would love the child that I carried, but I never knew that I would be so proud of them. I did not think that I would look at them as individual human beings and be honoured to not only know them, but to be able to claim kinship with them.

Today it is Matthew's turn to make me proud. It all started last year, when one Sunday night he informed me that he needed to write a speech. I flipped as I thought he had forgotten a homework assignment. As it turned out, he needed to write and deliver his speech as part of his application for the position of Middle School Captain.

Matthew's speech was amazing, it was filled with humour and delight and he managed to deliver it in the most amazing manner. He had staff and students in the palm of his hand and outshone so many of the other candidates. Voting took place and after a very long wait, he found out at the end of last year that he had achieved the honour of Captain.

Today was his official induction into the position and during a lovely ceremony he spoke with eloquence and confidence, giving his oath of office, smoothly without even referring to the paper provided.

Our family is so proud of this amazing young man, he is on the verge of adulthood and carries himself with dignity and maturity. He has also managed to retain his wonderful sense of humour and also just be our Matthew.

I am proud of my son for giving something a go! For deciding to make a difference, not by moaning about the situation, but by standing for election and deciding to be the School Captain that he wants to be.

I am proud to be his Mom, well done Matthew, I love you.


Ian Weatherburn said...

We are all extremely proud of you as well Matthew so congratulations and best wishes from us all here in South Africa. Wish we could've been there to listen to you but well done. I'm sure it's going to be a fun and challenging year. Well done on putting yourself out there; I'm sure this experience will count in spades later on in life no matter what you do (which will be something exceptional of course!)
Hugs and love to you
Ian, Wendy, Michelle and Laura-Ashley

Mom said...

Yes Beverly, both Dad and I concur with your words. It was a very emotional day and as Grandparents we were so very proud of him. As you say you are really blessed with your three children.

Michelle said...

Congratulations to Matthew! And, even MORE Congratulations to you, Beverly. What a fabulous job of parenting you have done. You and Ivan must be very proud of your son, and your own efforts with guiding his development.