Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesdays - Pay it forward!

This morning I had the JOY of reading my friend Michelle's amazing website as I do every morning and I realised how amazingly talented and gifted she is! For over 10 years I have watched her in admiration, seeing how she lives her 'talk'. So many of us have thoughts and ideas that we would love to try, but seldom have the courage. Michelle has taken her life and lived her dreams, both little and big and inspires so many people around her to do the same.

Last year she inspired me to start this Blog! I thought that this would be such an easy thing to do, because of course Michelle writes inspirational messages to us all each and everyday. I have now been writing since September and realise that the work and effort that she puts into her Blog is amazing. There is always something positive and uplifting to read, beautiful photos and craft ideas to admire and inspirational ideas for us to do in our lives.

This morning I am tipping my Angel-wings to my friend Michelle and her gift of 'Paying it forward' Every day Michelle, you pass along to all the readers of JoyExpress your talents and gifts, so today this is all about you.

I would like to recommend this amazing site to anyone who would love to start their day with inspiration and love.

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Mom said...

I do so agree with you, she comes up with some amazing things, but then on the other hand Beverly, I check out your blog everyday, if you have not written first thing in the morning, I find myself going onto your site many times in the day just waiting for the next installment, so keep up the good work.