Tuesday, January 20, 2009


At the beginning of this year, Michelle, Julie and I started our Blissings project. For a keen photographer, scrapbooker and 'Pollyanna' like me, it sounded like a breeze. I would easily be able to take a photo every single day to capture my 'Blissing' for the day. I have discovered that it is not that easy!

So many times I find myself so busy with the day, actually living that I forget to take the time to count or even notice the good things. I have found on a couple of days that I have got to the end and thought now what could I have taken a photo of today. Luckily and 'blissedly' (yes I know I am making up new words); I have only missed one day so far, and have decided to write about the day instead!

The days that are successful are days when I concentrate from early on to try and find a photo for the day. I guess that is the secret of the whole project - It is not actually the photo, but rather the process of focusing on all the wonderful good things that I have in my life.

I have a photo for yesterday of all the children's school books, waiting to be covered and sorted. Now that was a bit of a chore, rather than a 'blissing', but the fact that we have enough money to send the children to a great school and to buy them new books, pens, pencils each year - that is truly the 'blissing!'

Today it is just 6.05am, I have made Ivan's lunch and he has left for the day. I woke at 5.30am with him and must admit that getting up was not a blissing, I just wanted to stay in bed sleeping. But, now just 35 minutes later as I sit and write and realise what a beautiful morning we have, I realise my life is filled with 'blissings'.

What will yours be today?


Michelle said...

Your post is filled with LOVE, Beverly, and that is such a Blissing.

I remember at the beginning of this process we discussed focusing on the BLISS rather than the photo ... however, I find myself doing the reverse.

But, when I sit and really look at the photo I've taken, I find myself connecting with a Much Greater Bliss than I originally thought.

The JOY of the Moment becomes an Everlasting JOY.

Pretty Cool, I think!

Treasure Queen said...

Hi Beverly - this morning I am enjoying the bliss of a beautiful quiet morning too... full of promise (and not too HOT)