Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good manners

The last few days I have been able to observe all the years of parenting that I have given my Elizabeth. At nearly 19 years of age, I have watched her conduct herself in such an amazing manner as she has negotiated her way towards buying a new car.

Everywhere she has gone, she has left behind a trail of people blown away with her maturity, amazing poise and good manners. The bank manager, even went so far as to tell Elizabeth how impressed she was with her and then to give me the compliment for raising such an impressive young lady.

I know as we walk through the parenting mine field each and everyday, that we often wonder will we step on the mine, or in times of frustration, actually just push our kids on top of them.

I have tried beyond all else, to teach my children to show respect for others and treat people just as they would hope that the world would treat them. Such little things such as a lovely smile, a please or thank-you and a genuine touch of manners, improves life so much and it costs so little.

Apparently, I have succeeded!

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