Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday musings

I have been wondering today what makes the difference between a 'flat' day and a 'perfect' bubbly day! I really don't know? Today for no known reason I experienced a really flat day!
I woke up tired and disconnected, I felt as though I had not slept enough, although I had slept at least 8 hours.

We planned and executed a family orientated day, playing games with the children, watching a movie together and still I felt as though I was walking through treacle! Finally, I gave in and retired to my bed for a sleep. An hour later, I woke still groggy, but got up determined to make a yummy dinner.

Lots of water, salad, a little protein in the form of some BBQ sausages and everything seemed set and then the bubble arrived, in the form of a giggle and laughter. My little Sarah decided to play in the sprinkler from our water tank and was jumping over the spray. Ivan decided to join in and the two of them were gliding over in fairy poses and laughter. It lit up my soul and my day seemed so much lighter and better. Not just from that moment onward, but the entire day!

How did such a little thing, change how I have thought, felt and see the entire day, I realise that my thoughts do dictate my feelings, but I would have sworn, that my thoughts were positive all day. I now realise that the single item missing from this morning that changed it all, was laughter and joy! The day felt like a drag because I succumbed to the idea that I was tired.

So laugh a little each day is my new recipe and laugh early each morning!

Wishing you all a joyful, laughter filled Monday.

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Mom said...

My motto completely, I discovered years ago that everyday I would laugh with someone or they could laugh at me. It works, glad you changed the colour, much easier to read.