Monday, January 19, 2009

World Vision

For years Ivan and I have talked about sponsoring a child through World Vision and somehow we have never taken the time to just do it! Well this year, we made the decision and committed to doing it!

We involved the children and between us all, we decided to sponsor a girl from South Africa. The connection of course, being that both Elizabeth and I were born there and that we have seen the poverty firsthand.

At first it was very difficult to go online and 'almost shop' for a child to support, but then we decided to try and find a connection. Finally we found a little girl, 9 years of age called Thobile, who loves skipping rope. It turns out that she is Zulu and lives less than 100km from where I was born. The Universe connected us together.

Yesterday, we had the joy of opening our World Vision Sponsorship envelope and finding all about Thobile. She loves skipping and was born on November 11th, 1999. It felt as though we had adopted another child into our lives.

The joy on our three children's faces, especially Sarah, was reward enough, yet we also know that we will be helping a community and one day, may even get to visit Thobile if we go back to South Africa for a visit.

Our next task is to write her a letter and tell her all about us.

Well done World Vision for your wonderful efforts around the world and thank you for the gift you have given us, the gift of finding JOY in giving.

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Mom said...

Beverly it was wonderful to see the excitement in Sarah when she came down to show us the information from World Vision, they certainly do a good job. So many things tied in with this one, birthday in November, born the year Ian got married and she doesnt live too far from where you and Elizabeth were born, I am sure she will appreciate your support and contact as both of us know just how hard it is to be a little one in South Africa.