Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Joy of Handmade

Today Elizabeth and I shared the 'joy' of sewing a handmade apron!

As a young girl I learned to sew, first at Girl Guides, learning to sew on buttons that even the Troupe Leader could not pull off, then from Mom as she made me clothes and also at school. In home economics I learnt to make a dress, zipper and all and even got to parade it at the Home Economics showcase. I remember clearly getting my very first pair of high-heel shoes to wear with it - I was just 13 years old.

As I got older I tackled some amazing projects, making myself tailored jackets and trousers, tops, skirts and even amazing evening dresses. When the children were little I sewed for them making them some favourite tracksuits. Time however, grew short as our lives got busier. Clothes became cheaper to buy than to make and I found new and wonderful hobbies to keep me busy.

The sad part of this shift, was that I forgot to teach my three lovely children, especially my girls to sew. Elizabeth won the Home Economics prize at school, despite my lack of attention, but the sewing bug did not really bite until a couple of weeks ago.

This year I made two Christmas aprons as gifts and Elizabeth was enthralled. She picked out her own material and today the two of us sat down together. I bought an identical one to hers, as my old one is looking very sad and faded. My idea was that I would do every step on mine and she could copy. It turned out wonderfully!

We had two hours together of Mother-Daughter time, laughing and chatting, teaching and learning and the end result is an amazing young lady in a beautiful Christmas apron.

The smile says it all!

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Mom said...

Well done girls, making something from start and wearing is an achievement that makes you feel very special, I think that any hobby that one does is very self satisfying. I like you have stopped sewing by had only said to Dad a week or so ago, that this was going to be one of my goals. I unlike lots of other people do not have to go and buy any material, patterns, cotton, zips, I have enough of that to fill a shop, so no it would not be cheaper to buy. Keep up the good work, especially Elizabeth, she does have lots of talent just like you as I remember the lovely dress she made when you and Ivan were overseeas once.