Saturday, November 8, 2008

Raindrops and Saturdays

Woke this morning to a drizzly day. It is however, not grey or depressing, but rather muggy and refreshing. It is one of those warm Brisbane summer mornings when the air is just too fill of water and it starts to rain. The birds are in full chorus, so you can hear it is not a downpour and it appears as though everyone of them is out there having a morning shower.

Ivan was up and about at 5.00am wide awake and cheerful, jet lag finally passing I think. As a result he 'quietly' (I think impossible) made himself coffee and me orange juice, at which stage I was now awake. Still it is nice to have a couple of hours to sit and chat about life and dreams.

He did me the huge honour of asking me to read him some of my poetry this morning and we talked about the meanings and thoughts behind it. I am also so very blessed in that he offered that 'one day' if and when I am ready he will help me publish a book of my poetry and he will pay for the printing of the minimum of 500 copies. Now that was a WOW moment for me. That my husband loves me so much that he will pay to publish a book of poetry that I have written, I am truly the luckiest, most loved woman in the world.

Elizabeth finished her exams for first year university yesterday, so we had a celebratory BBQ with Mom, Dad and the children. It was so yummy and relaxing.

Saturday duties are now calling, so happy weekend to you all.

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