Thursday, November 20, 2008

Summer storm season

Three days of storms and 200mm of rain.

We are the lucky ones. Thousands of people have extensive damage to their properties from the most recent series of storms to hit us in S.E. Qld.

Last night was the hardest for us. It started with Matthew's presentation night, which went ahead despite the storm warnings and less than 20 minutes into the programme had to be abandoned due to heavy, heavy rain. We were wading through ankle deep water to get back to the car, all of which had fallen in just 5 minutes. Our drive toward home was interesting, as it was completely dry in our suburb. This was really good, as it gave us a chance to get home, dry off and get settled.

Around 10pm the storm hit us and the rain started, it never let up until after 3.25am and it sure rained. Our front garden is not well designed or drained, so this morning we were ankle deep in water, thank goodness, none of it caused any damage!

I had around 2 hours sleep and was up at 5am sweeping out the garage, Dad's workshop and the patio. Needless to say am feeling a little punch drunk this afternoon.

More photos and blogs to follow.

1 comment:

sandra andrews said...

Am thinking of you guys alot. Brisbane and its storms. Back with a vengence.

Good luck with it all!