Thursday, November 13, 2008

Very Early morning

It is a wet, early (very early) morning in Brisbane, just 4.45am. I have been up since 4.10am as my dearly beloved has an early flight to Tasmania this morning. Another gripe about not having daylight saving, is that we are now an hour behind the rest of the Eastern States, so have to get up really early to catch interstate flights.

The garden is green and wet after lovely soaking rains last night and the birds are just beginning their early morning calls. The funniest is that I let Abby (our dog) out and fed her, after her morning patrol of the borders of the property and a little doggy business, she appeared back at the door, came in and rushed straight back to her basket in the laundry. Even Abby reckons it is too early to be up.

Last night the children kept telling Ivan to please wake them to say goodbye, he was so reluctant to do so, rather wanting them to sleep. I had to talk to him, to make him realise that they would go straight back to sleep and even if they didn't it was far more important to them to say Goodbye to their Daddy than have a few hours extra snooze time.

Yesterday, I had a busy day writing my annual Christmas letter, 6 pages! Every year I write to people I have not communicated with for ages and send them an annual update of our lives. We have been really busy again. I am also including a CD of photos this year, modern technology is wonderful.

So now at 4.54am, I have reset the alarm for 6.15am and I am going to sneak back to bed for a lovely hours snooze. The best type of all. Then it is on with the daily routine of life. A little housework and hopefully some scrapbooking or writing. Elizabeth and I had originally planned a day out, but have postponed it due to the rainy weather. We have 3 months home together, so will get lots of time for fun days out.

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