Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday - Simply Pay it forward

Today is the magic day of the week, when we pay forward the joy in our lives. Michelle and I, of 'Simply Angels' send out a card or maybe even two to share the Joy that we experience in our lives and so share the joy.

I must admit this morning, I woke feeling tired and 'not-so-Joyful'. It is raining and I am having my carpets cleaned, of course they won't dry properly. I have to get up and make lunches for school. Ivan can't take the children to school as he has an early meeting. The house is all a mess as we have cleared the carpets, I have ironing to do....... Can you see the pattern?

I did not see how I could even begin to send out a card with Joy. Yet, as I have read Michelle's JoyExpress, her lovely morning email and the beautiful inspirational letter that Matthew wrote to Sarah last night, the Joy began to seep back into my soul.

So Tuesday, is Share the Joy and Pay it Forward, so I am sending you all thoughts of Joy. If you would like to receive some Joy in the form of a card from me, drop me an email with your name and address and I will add you to my list. Email address is baadair@bigpond.net.au or maybe you want to share the joy in your life with people that you know need a little. Let me know and I will email you some details of how to be part of 'Simply Angels - Pay it forward.'

We can all make a difference.

Have a Joyful Day


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