Saturday, November 15, 2008


Tomorrow is my Darling Husband's 49th birthday and then on Monday my Mom, Dorothy celebrates her 65th birthday.

I always delight in the 2 months between November 16th and January 24th (my birthday) as I can say that I am 5 years younger than Ivan. Although in reality I am really only just 4 years younger, the math of 49-44= 5, delights me and annoys Ivan. (Hmm small things annoy small minds).

As always we seem to have a celebration on Ivan's birthday for them both, but this year it is okay as Mom and Dad are having a few days away, leaving early Monday morning. So I am planning a roast lamb lunch, with some nice red and white wine and a few laughs.

I like birthdays, it is special to make a day really special for someone. As we get older they often lose the magic of childhood, I think this is because we forget that it is a day to celebrate, not to mourn another year passing.

Birthdays for children are magical, the morning presents, often a party to look forward to and a day when we can do no wrong. So tomorrow and Monday, two special people in my life will celebrate their birthdays and I am going to make them special days, filled with happiness and magic.

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sandra andrews said...

Happy Birthday to Ivan and Dorothy. We here at the Andrews family hope you both have a fabulous day.