Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Negative energies!

Today I had a lovely morning scrapbooking with a friend. It was good to have company as it meant that I could not get distracted by chores and other 'yucky' stuff. I managed 20 pages and completed my 'Port Douglas' album at last! I have been really slow at this and as much as I enjoyed the holiday, the photos have eventually become a chore, because I dragged it out to long. Anyway, it is now done and looks wonderful.

I realised today however, that I had found it very easy to slip into 'negative energies!' My friend and I started whinging about issues and all my positive thought efforts went out the window. I allowed myself to deal with issues that are a problem in a really negative way and now feel a little sad about it.

One of the things that I have been working really hard on is trying to stay positive and happy, so once more I have decided to refocus my thoughts toward good and positive and throw out the negative.

At least now I can see where I am headed before I get too far down the road.

Tomorrow, positive energies again.

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Mom said...

All the more reason to fill your life with people who are positive and full of fun and lots of laughter. The negetive vibes that some people give out can be a killer,they eat into you till eventually you are the one that ends up grumpy, they have left your happy home feeling much more positive themselves but have left you with nothing.
Fill your life with people who help you with your positive attitude such as your great friend Michelle, and me of course. !!!!! LOL