Thursday, November 27, 2008

Middle School Captain

Middle School Co-Captain for 2009.

Mr Switzer principal of WMAC congratulates Matthew on his appointment as Middle School co-captain for 2009.

Matthew and Madeline Middle school captains for 2009. Matthew is thrilled to have Maddy as his partner. They have been friends since Grade 5, when Matthew arrived at the school.

The school and chapel captains for next year. The blessing for Matthew is that he is also very good friends with Kristy-Anna and Kurtis, so between these 4 young people, they will lead the middle school next year.
Today I had the very proud moment of seeing my beautiful son Matthew given the leadership position of middle school captain. He had given an amazing speech at the end of term three and had been waiting anxiously for the announcement. This should have occurred last week, but the storms washed out the event, so it was with baited breath that we waited for the announcement today.
Our family had wonderful front row seats and when Matthew's name was announced, I punched the air with excitement. I guess, some people would think that I should have been more restrained, but I am thrilled and proud of our wonderful son. Congratulations Matthew, good luck and may you have an amazing experience next year.


Michelle said...

CONGRATULATIONS! To both Matthew and his Mother!

I LOVE the 'unrestrained' enthusiasm you showed, Beverly. :)

What a wonderful experience to share ... Thank You.

Ian Weatherburn said...

A FANTASTIC achievement indeed and one to be very proud of; both for Matthew and you and Ivan as parents. A hearty congratulations to all.
We are very pleased for you Matthew and I'm sure you will do your school proud.
Lots of respect, love and well-wishes from us all.
Ian, Wendy, Michelle and Laura-Ashely