Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Early morning

Wednesday morning 6.00am.

Queensland does not have daylight saving and we should! The sun rises well before 5.00am now and the birds start really early. To wake up in the cool mornings and start the day earlier would be so much better, then we could enjoy longer evenings.

However, the bonus is being one of the few people that are up and about at this time of the day. Ivan has been getting up at 5.00am and doing a few chores, bringing me orange juice in bed and then heading out by 6.00am. As he goes into the shower, I get up and make his lunch for him and now just after 6.00am, I have the computer to myself for about 30 minutes to check emails and write on my blog. What a lovely way to wake up!

Yesterday I had a lovely crafty/creative day. I decided this year to make 2 Christmas gifts. I spent the morning sewing and enjoyed myself so (sew) much! It is years since I last sat and made something special by hand, what a forgotten pleasure.

I also realised that I have not shared this wonderful skill with my children. At their ages, I could sew on buttons, repair rips in clothes and even make my own clothes. With our changing lives, if something is now ripped or torn, we just throw it away and don't attempt to fix it. Clothes are cheap and so sewing is no longer cost effective, but the pleasure of making something yourself cannot be bought from a shop.

I also had the pleasure of my eldest daughter's company yesterday. She is finished her first year University and although she is working part-time, I am going to have lots of time with her over the next few months. We have plans to sew together, to bake and scrapbook. What a pleasure to share my life with this wonderful adult woman. I am truly blessed.

Today I am focusing on my writing again. Everyday I am trying to write. At least a few lines, an outline, a thought or maybe if successful a full poem.

P.S. Chore list is working fantastically - by last night after just 2 days 31 chores had been achieved and the house is looking fantastic. It has also caused me to lift my game, as the task is no longer daunting. I only have to achieve 5 chores a day. Even Ivan is into the full swing of it, complaining this morning that two of his chores were not on the list, so it needs amending.

Give it a go in your house, 5 goals a day. You can achieve miracles.

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