Friday, November 21, 2008

Raging rivers

Elizabeth and I standing next to the Bremer river which runs through Ipswich. It is in full flood and many local business's including a scrapbooking friend have been totally flooded! She lost 9000 photos which were on her computer - so back up your files and photos everyone!

Our local picnic spot, completely under water.

This is the Brisbane river, close to where we live at College's Crossing, Ivan usually drives across this road to get to work, but now it is under 1.5m of water.

The dogs were having great fun in the water, it was running so fast though, that any sort of swimming would be unbelievable dangerous.

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Julie said...

Wow... this is quite the flood .. proving in fact it never rains but it pours ... maybe it is just as well that I didn't make it this week!! I am still hoping to pull off a visit in the near future though! Hope everyone remains well and safe .. we'll have to skype sometime soon!