Monday, November 10, 2008

Five Goals

Children and chores is the theme of today's post.
I have the three most amazing kids in the world. They are polite, funny, amazing and I love them so much. The problem is that I am a 'stay-at-home-Mum' and I do everything!!!! I am also very organised and efficient and can do most things in half the time that everyone else does - and so I do!

The problem has however, now arisen in that I am developing a life outside of being just a 'stay at home Mum!' I am now a writer and a poet and next year I am going to University and I am just plain tired of being the slave that I have created over the years. I take full blame for the fact that my children are not more responsible as I have spoilt them. I have also denied their help when it has been offered. If they come and say what can I do? I often can't think on my feet of something that needs doing, so say "Don't worry, there is nothing I need help with!" WRONG!

So today I have created a chores list extraordinaire! It has around 40 items on it and runs from Monday to Sunday. Elizabeth has laminated it at work and I have a marking pen. Everyone has to complete 5 chores each day. There are easy things from emptying the inside bins or wiping down the sink and mirror in the bathroom to really hard tasks such as washing windows or weeding garden beds. I am no longer going to tell anyone what they have to do. Everyone in the family will be responsible for completing at least 5 chores each and everyday of the week, and all the chores will have to be filled in by the end of the week. Some of them will only need to be done once a month or so, but this way, I have taken myself out of the equation.

Three children times 5 chores times 7 days - Wow! A total of 105 chores per week. I am going to be able to retire from housework! Ha! Ha! No, I think not, but at least it will free up some time for me to pursue my own passion now and I won't get mad because I am constantly begging, pleading or nagging.

Anyway that is the goal and the plan, will keep you updated on how it is going!

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Michelle said...

AWESOME! The Rule of 5 at its best. I am amazed that your kids could achieve 105 chores a week. WOW!