Monday, February 16, 2009

I have the card to prove it!

Today I went through to the University of Queensland and got my student card. I joined all the other students in the queue and handed over my Welcome to UQ letter and Driver's licence, smiled for my photo and was handed an official 'full-time' student ID card. I was so excited and of course had to get Elizabeth to take a photo of me for my Blissings album.
We then went to the library and using 'my card' I borrowed 2 exciting texts for my essay on 'Meditation and Contemplation'. I am it! I am a student. I have done it! WOW!
Next week is Orientation week, where I get to attend information lectures, go on tours and also join all the societies that I am interested in; and then on Wednesday 4th March, my first lecture starts!


Ian Weatherburn said...

Congratulations Student! So what corner are you hanging out on handing out RAG magazines? :)
Good luck!

Beverly said...

Thanks Ian for the wonderful encouragement and support. I am excited and no 'political' magazines - just yet!!!

Treasure Queen said...

Congratulations on becoming a student .. you are going to have so much FUN!!!