Friday, August 26, 2011

You Know you are Tired When . . .

If you have been following my Blog, you will know that we are preparing for a HUGE garage sale.  It has been almost 2 weeks of hard, daily work to sort, price and today layout a large number of items. Selling starts tomorrow, even though we have already made around $200 - so am excited.

Today however, I discovered how tired I really am!  I took Elizabeth out to an appointment, and decided to get out of my tracksuit pants, work shirt and trainers and get a little dressed-up.  I felt really nice.  We were a little early, so decided to treat ourselves to breakfast.

Well, I was standing in the queue waiting to order and I happened to look down at my feet . . .

I couldn't believe it - there was one brown shoe and one black shoe.  They are the exact same style and my most comfortable shoes . . . but, both pairs sit next to each other on my shelf.  My walk-in-robe is dark, unless I turn on the light and this morning I was just too tired.  To be honest I didn't even think about it.  So here I was in the middle of the shopping centre.  I started to giggle . . .  I couldn't stop.

I walked over to Elizabeth and asked her what was wrong with my feet, at first she couldn't see it and then, she too joined in the giggles. Well, that was my day!

So next time you are really tired - please check your shoes!


darlin said...

Note to self, never buy the same shoe in different colors! lol That's priceless Beverly. My Mom once did the same thing, she was so excited to be going out with her husband to a concert that she rushed right out the door and didn't realize her error until she was sitting at the concert hall!

My daughter recently did the same thing, she was at work when she realized her error! I'll stick to my white runners, that way if I grab the wrong shoe at least it's going to look the same! lol

Get some rest after this sale, you've worked hard and deserve a break!

Beverly said...

Darlene, I must admit that it made my day - laughing at myself.

I just had to take the photo of my shoes - a great memory to have.

Now 6pm at night - been up for 13 hours - so think I will turn in for a read and a good night sleep.