Sunday, August 14, 2011

It Takes Time

 Our beautiful park at Colleges Crossing is slowly recovering from the flood - or is it?  The once lush green grass area is still covered in river sand/silt and instead of grass we have weeds.  The once magnificent trees are all now chipped for mulch, but the pile sits in the park unused.
 The river still winds it way down to the sea, today it was a quiet meandering stream. The tide was out and this log draped in green algae was a photographer's dream.
 With strange lighting and shadows, it was fun to experiment.  My camera is playing up a little, but I was not too unhappy with the results.
 I like this photo with the sun in front of me and the face in the wood, was quite creepy.

Another angle

So for those of you who don't remember where we were in January this year, here are a couple of photos of the same patch of river and the same park.

 Where will all this be in 12 months time, a place of recovery I hope.  We did see a few people enjoying the Sunday morning sun; a family with their little son, riding his push-along-trike; a Grandma and her grandaughter feeding the ducks; a man fishing and  a guy flying his model planes and helicopters.  Of course, Elizabeth and I were enjoying the sunshine and the photography.  So I guess, time will fix it all.


Mom said...

Great photos Beverly, and also your written comment brings it all to life, yes there is a long way to go before life puts on its smiling face again at this beautiful park.

darlin said...

I recall the flood you were experiencing there, that was horrific. I'm glad to hear that things are coming around even if ever so slowly. All good things in life take time!

Your photos are wonderful, the log looks like it's something straight from a horror movie.. and I shudder as I type this in, I don't ever watch those type of movies, I'd have nightmares! lol

Beverly said...

I agree Darlene, a green monster for sure.