Sunday, August 14, 2011

Good morning world!

What a difference a day makes?

Yesterday my lovely children helped me clean and tidy the house.  When we started renovating in late April, house cleaning became a 'lick & a promise' routine.  Now that works, house got vacuumed when it needed and dusted when we couldn't see the TV anymore.  So we could concentrate on the renovations. It was a busy few months.

Once it was finished it was straight into surgery for me and a few weeks of taking it easy.  Ivan then took a weekend to move all the major items into the garage, but still the house needed a good clean. 

I have felt so down, so overwhelmed and so unmotivated for weeks. I just couldn't face cleaning, but it has been getting me further and further down.

Yesterday, was the day.  I nominated specific tasks for Matthew and Sarah, and then Elizabeth and I began in the dining room.  We cleared away all the scrap booking stuff and cleaned.  Each room sparkled by the time we left it. 

We completed the dining room, the lounge, the kitchen, the family room, the bathrooms, and the bedrooms all got a once over.  My bedroom still needs a lot of sorting out and the study is a disaster, but the house is just beautiful again. 

We could barely walk by the end of the day, but it looks amazing.

This morning, I have woken to blue skies, sunshine, a clean, sparkling house and a smile on my face - what a difference a day makes.

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