Friday, August 26, 2011

Smiles are pure happiness

Today I thought I would post a few special photos of smiles.  What is it that makes a smile so valuable? It lights up your life, the face of the person giving it and the heart of the person receiving it; even when it is not given to anyone in particular - it is just wonderful. I hope you enjoy these smiles.

 Such a feeling of joy - when you celebrate your 73rd birthday
 A peaceful smile

 A smile for a new haircut & braces
 Mother & daughter smiles and finally just something to make you smile along - our Cleo

So today share a smile, share some happiness - thanks to Matthew Ferry who inspired me to write this post - choose to share some happiness today, choose to smile.


Mom/Granny said...

A smile appeared on my face on the day you and Ian were born,and I have smiled almost every day since then with such happiness that you both brought into my life. Now I spend many days enjoying the smiles of my 5 grandchildren, who are such a joy to us. Yes everyone make someone happy today and make them smile, even if it is at you or with you. Good luck today.

darlin said...

Beverly this is an absolutely heart warming post, I especially LOVE the photo of your Dad on his birthday.

Dorothy your words have touched me deeply, darn near brought a tear to my eye because I thought of my Mother who has passed on 9 years ago, the laughter and smiles we uses to share were priceless. I miss her to this day, she wasn't only my Mother, she was my best friend.

Have a wonderful weekend ladies and all the best with your garage sale Beverly!

Beverly said...

Thank you for your special messages - Darlene - you can share my beautiful Mom - via Vesta - I do not even think how I will ever pass a day without her.
We have lived together for most of my life, and shared a lifetime of joy and smiles - a treasure of love.

And just to add something extra - your blog always makes me smile.

Mom/Dorothy said...

Oh now you two stop it, you will have me in tears instead of smiling.
Darlin there is something special that I do every Mother's Day, I go off to the shops and if I can I buy either a bunch of flowers or a box of yummy biscuits and I find a deal old lady who one can see doesn't have much and I give it to her with my words, "I don"t have a Mom anymore so I would like you to have this little gift" Not only does it lift my heart but the surprise on their faces make it all worth while, it sure helps me.