Saturday, August 27, 2011

Garage Sale Day One

Our morning began really early - well it really started yesterday with us setting up everything and then overnight it began to rain . . .

Luckily we have a wide front porch/verandah/patio so nothing got wet, but as I lay awake at 2am listening to the rain - I realised that numbers may be down a little.

We were all up at 5am to set up and get ready, expecting the 'dealers' - but there were very few of them. I think the GFC - is even effecting them.

Still we enjoyed each other's company and soon a steady stream of customers began.

 Despite not wanting to sell anything, Sarah did an excellent job - she is the consumate sales person showing no signs of anxiety, shyness, or nervousness - she chatted to adults & children alike. Working hard for most of the 7 hours of the sale.
 It drizzled with rain all day - luckily no wind - so everything stayed dry - and we need the rain, so it is a blessing.
 This photo of me, shows how tired I feel - oh dear!

 And finally, the sales team!
 At 2pm our cut-off time, the heavens opened and it began to pour - we managed to get everything covered in plastic and roped off and now at 4pm, I am bathed and sitting editing photos and typing on my Blog
Tomorrow is Day Two and if we do as well as Day One - it will be a great weekend.  If not our local Ipswich Hospice Charity will be receiving a huge donation of items to sell.   Whatever, way it works, I will have de-cluttered my home and sorted out many possessions that I no longer need.

Now all we need tomorrow is a little sunshine and heaps of customers!


darlin said...

I'm do happy to hear that your sales were good today and what a fun day it looks like. That's so nice the entire family pitched in and you got to all visit and spend time making memories.

Your photos are precious, your family is totally amazing and I hope nothing but sunny skies for you tomorrow! Well your today by now but that's besides the point! :-)

darlin said...

Hi again, I forgot to click email follow up comments to be sent to my email address. I like to do that so I'm aware of any responses and I can reply. Cheers my friend!

Beverly said...

You are always so special that you take the time to respond to my posts - I do appreciate it.

Hugs and thanks

Dorothy said...

Hi Darlin, I could not agree more with Beverly, you are one amazing e-mail friend, in fact more than an e-mail friend to her, she really looks forward to your posts as do I. It was a great day, with lots of laughter and fun and getting to know some of wonderful neighbours, there is nothing better to get to know each other than by having a garage sale. We found out in Melbourne that most garage sales seem to be attended by neighbours, our junk is their treasure. The sun is expected to arrive tomorrow so we hope for many more people, if not well then the Hospice will be the beneficiary. Brian and I do voluteer work for the Hospice and it is a wonderful organisation and perhaps one day they will help our family cope with Brian or I in our time of need.