Monday, August 15, 2011

Photographic Fun Day or was that Monday?

I so enjoyed my photography session yesterday at the river and having been inspired by Darlene's amazing photography on her blog (My life for a day - on my side-bar), decided to get my camera out and really work at my hobby again. 

It was a misty morning so after dropping Matthew at school, I headed straight to our river.  I loved the eerie feeling as the fog lifted and this great tree in the river is one of my favourites.
 Of course the morning wouldn't be perfect without Spider-webs - I just love photographing them in the early morning dew.  A mother duck was protecting her ducklings, so I tried to give them a wide berth - after taking a few snaps first.
 Another perfect web.
 With the floods, so many trees were lost, but the river has opened up. I walked slowly along the bank for ages, enjoying the sunshine, the quiet and just some time alone.

 This bench is still covered in debris, a timely reminder of our January floods.  Nature however, is rejuvinating the river banks and trees and the birdlife is slowly recovering.  Mommy Duck and her babies, gave me hope for Spring.
It was such a nice day, that once I arrived home an hour later; I decided to head into the mountain to the Rainforest with the girls and Mum and Dad.  We had a few glorious hours, taking photos and enjoying nature.

Look out for the next post tomorrow, with photos of our day out at Mt. Glorious.

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